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Each project requires different types of programmes, depending on its purpose.  Through discussion with our Clients we can offer a range of services which are best suited.  These include:

  • high-level programmes, for those requiring an overview of a project and guideline of how long each stage may take.  It could also give an indication of key milestones.  This would generally encompass master plans, development plans or project plans at concept design stage.

  • tender programmes, utilised by consultants as well as contractors.  These are more detailed based on the information available, and provide a more robust and comprehensive methodology.

  • construction programmes, further detailed programmes utilised on site to manage the project.  Generally these programmes are used to monitor progress.

  • short-term programmes are a 'look-ahead' for the short-term (2-3 weeks or 2-3 months - depending on project type).

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